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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy, or CST, is a method of light body work developed by John Upledger D.O., an osteopathic physician, from cranial osteopathy a technique developed by the osteopath William Sutherland.  The treatment consists of very light touch, often described as the weight of a nickel, on several areas of the body, in order to detect and coordinate the individual's natural rhythms and oscillations. 

Most people find the treatments extremely relaxing and often fall asleep during the course of it. This method can be performed as an entire stand-alone session, or as an adjunct to an acupuncture treatment and is quite helpful for stress, pain, TMJ and movement issues among other things.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a system designed to correct and monitor the flow of lymph and other fluids throughout the lymphatic system.  Overall it is a very gentle technique and allows the practitioner to work with the body's interstitial and lymphatic fluids to improve circulation and reduce congestion.  This technique is very well suited for issues related to pain, inflammation, generalized swelling and fluid accumulation such as lymphedema.

Like craniosacral therapy, this techinque can be performed in conjunction with a typical treatment, or can be utilized as a stand-alone session.

Nutritional Counseling

Basic nutritional counseling based on TCM dietary therapy and modern insights is a routine part of the treatments.  If you are coming in for help with a digestive issue, weight loss, or any other condition which would be benefitted by nutritional advice, more time will be dedicated to this type of information.
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