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“I first began acupuncture because I bought a session on Groupon. Usually, I had experienced back pain and shoulder tension. After my first session, I immediately felt relief! It was as if I had been to the chiropractor and gotten a massage; that's the only way I can describe it. I have been going now for almost a year, and I do not have the back pain as before. On my last visit, I actually had a stye that we treated, and the swelling in my eye went down immediately! I am hooked and would recommend acupuncture to everyone!”


E.C., San Antonio, TX


"I am a 50 year old 3 time Ironman finisher & marathon runner. Almost 3 years ago I had back surgery to help alleviate nerve pain due to a herniated disk. Although the surgery was successful I was left with numbness and weakness in my left foot. Due to these problems my running has been difficult at best. I was lucky enough to discover Matthew at Peachwood about 8 weeks ago. The improvements that have occurred are almost unbelievable to this skeptic. The numbness is almost completely gone, my running has steadily improved and I am as close to normal as I have been since my original injury. I wish I has [sic.] listened to those who suggested I try acupuncture years ago! Thanks Matthew for helping me to get closer to the old me than I thought possible!!"


D.R., San Antonio, TX



“...[Matthew Hanson, L.Ac.] provided me with top notch service for my first ever acupuncture. I suffer from a multitude of injuries and see pain management monthly to assure my ability to work. After an hour with Matthew, I felt like I was able to move more easily and much of the pain was gone from my joints where I suffer from chronic arthritis. I've since gone back for 2 more treatments and continue to sign up as it's made a major difference in my day to day life.

If you are considering acupuncture, I can't recommend Matthew any more highly. He takes pride in his work and the results show.”


L.M., Austin, TX


"I am so glad that I found Matthew Hanson! I was diagnosed with carpal tunnels [sic.] in my right hand and was told that I would need surgery. Instead I choose [sic.] to go to Peachwood Wellness, the best choice ever! I have 100% function of my hand again, my tingling, swelling and limited mobility in my right hand have all been eliminated. I am so grateful to Matthew for all he has been able to do! I highly recommend Matthew Hanson at Peachwood Wellness!"


V.M., San Antonio, TX


“I have been receiving accupuncture [sic.] treatment from Matthew Hanson for approximately a month and a half. I had problems w/ arthritis for some time. It's heredity on both side [sic.] of my family. With the treatments, I no longer have pain in my ankles, knees and hands. How amazing I feel without any pain. I sleep very well and don't have to use anagesic [sic.] products to warm up my muscles and joints. I'm also losing weight. This has been a complete transformation in my life... Take it from a Coach. This really works!!!”

K.C., Austin, TX

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